Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. brings years of experience and total dedication to the Wide Format Scanner Market

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, October 6, 2008: Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc., a newly established Wholesale Distributor of Wide Format Scanners, today announced that it has acquired the Scanner Division of GTCO CalComp® . Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. will carry on the distribution of the GTCO CalComp® ScanPlus™ Series brand of Wide Format Scanners Worldwide.

“I’m pleased to have the opportunity to continue the representation of the GTCO CalComp® ScanPlus™ Series brand of Wide Format Scanners”, says Bill Mitchell, Vice President of Wide Format Scanners and Systems, Inc. and former GTCO CalComp Scanner Product Manager, “GTCO CalComp is recognized worldwide as a high-quality and reliable supplier of input peripherals and has been for more than 30 years. One of the unique offerings that Wide Scanners and Systems brings to the market is our built in two year onsite warranty on all our scanner models.”

GTCO CalComp’s Digitizer Division will continue to serve its customers without change. Effective immediately, Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. will assume all responsibilities for the ScanPlus™ Series product line including Sales, Service, and Support.

The GTCO CalComp® ScanPlus™ Series Wide Format Scanner line, incorporates the latest in imaging technology and are deigned to meet the highest demands for today’s graphic professionals. The scanners are used to capture a variety of hard-copy black and white and color originals with extreme accuracy and at very high speeds – all at an affordable price!

Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. acquires GTCO CalComp’s Scanner Division

The ScanPlusTM Series product line consists of 19 models ranging from an 18” X 24” Flatbed scanner and 25”, 36”, 42”, 44” and 54” width models with varying features, resolutions and speed. The ScanPlusTM Series product line is suitable for scanning such documents as blueprints, sepia drawings, photographs, maps, renderings, artwork, newspapers and posters – just to name a few.

“We are very excited to be taking over the distribution of the GTCO CalComp® ScanPlusTM Series product line says Ruth Mitchell, President, Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. We’re confident that the combined strengths of the GTCO CalComp® ScanPlusTM brand name, the expertise of Wide Scanners and Systems and our dedication to the wide format scanning market will be positive steps towards helping our resellers expand their business.”

About GTCO CalComp Peripherals

Founded in 1975, the Company was awarded a patent for the invention of the world’s first absolute- position electromagnetic digitizing technology. Since then, GTCO CalComp has produced and now supports over 1 million input systems in fifty countries around the world, sold under some of the most recognized brand names in the peripherals industry. The Company continues to focus on developing input peripherals that dramatically improve individual and group productivity. Each GTCO CalComp peripheral is engineered for a specific use and user in mind.

About Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc.

Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. is a newly formed wholesale distribution company whose primary purpose is to provide quality manufactured wide format scanning products and solutions to Architectural, Engineering, Construction, GIS, and Graphic Arts professionals through a high-quality network of Authorized Resellers worldwide. Wide Scanners and Systems, is a customer-focused organization, balanced by a clear understanding that honesty, forthrightness and integrity are the key elements in building successful relationships.